Things to Ponder Over Before You Choose a B.Tech Specialization

“My kid will become an engineer”- such announcements are common among the fathers just after the baby arrives in this highly competitive world. Engineering is no more education rather it’s an obsession these days. The fascination of parents and somewhere yours drives you to a situation where you need to choose a stream from all the popular B.Tech specializations.

“Which specialization to choose”- the right answer to this question is hidden within you, your interests, and the subjects you are comfortable with. A sluggish and casually made decision regarding the same can impact your career growth negatively. Therefore, you need to be well-informed before showing a thumbs-up sign to a B.Tech discipline.

After reading the below-furnished information, you will be able to make a choice of the most appropriate B.Tech streams.

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering 

If you love coding and software then computer science engineering is your thing. Inclusion of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. has made this stream a bit more exciting to study. It’s your craving to learn future-ready technologies that make you study computer science engineering.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical engineering is the mother branch of engineering and it’s said because the major subjects of all the other disciplines are derived from it. If you like being around the machines with a curiosity to know about their functioning and mechanism, go for mechanical engineering without a doubt. It’s a promising field and you grow constantly once you become a prolific mechanical engineer.

B.Tech in Civil Engineering

In your childhood, your favourite game was constructing the building structures using the blocks and other stuff. It shows that right from an early age you had a constructive ability and now it’s time to mould your traits into a professional endeavour with a civil engineering degree. It’s the engineering of architectural structures and has been growing at a very good pace in India.

B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The intricate designs of the circuits and electric components always fascinate you to delve deep into the information about their use. This characteristic signifies that you have a flair for electrical & electronics engineering and you are ready to give it a go by pursuing a B.Tech degree. It’s a study of electrical components and mechanism of electronic products.

Scope of Engineering 

The above information will definitely help you choose a favourable stream of engineering. Having a rough idea of the scope of engineering will also be a wise move. Once you choose a specialization of your choice, just concentrate on your studies and gain immense knowledge. Don’t ever listen to the rumours that your industry has no scope or anything else. The scope with each of the engineering disciplines discussed above is limitless.

Final Words 

A seminar was organized at one of the best private universities in Jaipur, focusing on the rise of engineers in India. The industry experts shared the stage to address the youth seeking a career in engineering. According to them, no emerging technologies can restrict the growth of the engineers and there is no threat to the future of engineering.