Thin Film Market Growth Analysis and Forecast to 2025 | Top Key Players: China National Building Material Company Ltd., Umicore Group, Ascent Solar Technologies, American Elements

According to BlueWeave Consulting, The Global Thin-Film Market is expected to grow with a significant rate during the forecast period 2019-2025, due to rising demand for solar PV cells. Advancements in semiconductor packaging and rising installations of solar panels will foster the global thin film Market in the forecast period. Moreover, the major factor driving the market is the rise in the aerospace and defense industry for improving efficiency, speed, power and reduced weight of miniaturized electronics.

Thin films are used as passivating or protective layers as photoactive (i.e., photoresist) or conductive layers, as catalysts, as dry lubricants, as optical layers and as gas separation membranes. The intensifying trend of miniaturization of semiconductors and electronic components are vital factors expected to encourage the growth of the Global Thin-film market in the upcoming period.

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Global Thin film Market Competitive Landscape

China National Building Material Company Ltd., Umicore Group, Ascent Solar Technologies, American Elements, Kaneka Corporation, Anwell Solar, Avancis GmbH & Co., First Solar, Cicor Group, Hanergy, Masdar PV, Kaneka, Solar Frontier, Suntech Power Co. Ltd and Moser Baer India Pvt. Ltd. are the key players in the Global Thin-film market.

Chemical Vapor Deposition Technology of thin film Market is projected to be the leading segment of the overall market during the forecast period

On the basis of Deposition Technology, the global thin film market has been categorized into Physical Vapor Deposition and Chemical Vapor Deposition. Chemical Vapor Deposition segment dominates the global thin film Market owing to its applications in microelectronic components, electronic devices, and its expanding usage in sensors for smartphones. Physical Vapor Deposition is driven by its applications in aluminized PET film for food packaging and balloons, semiconductor devices such as thin-film solar panels, and titanium nitride coated cutting tools for metalworking.

Thin Film Electronics is projected to lead the industry for utilizing applications of the thin film during the forecast period

On the basis of End-User Industry, the global thin film market has been segmented into Thin Film Electronics, Thin Film Batteries, and Thin Film PV. By the end-User industry, Thin Film Electronics will lead the market due to the increasing demand for PCs, smartphones, OLED displays, personal computers, electronic gadgets, and home appliances. Thin Film Batteries is driven by the upsurge in its demand in electronics gadgets and emerging electric vehicles.

The Asia Pacific accounts for the lion’s share of the global thin-film market during the anticipated period.

On the basis of region, the thin film market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America.  The Asia Pacific dominates the global thin-film market over the forecast period due to presence of largest electronic equipment producers & consumers and heavy investment by the countries in solar power. North America will influence by high demand of the product in the coatings industry.

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In addition, the report provides an analysis of the Global Thin-film Market with respect to the following geographic segments:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA

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Table of Contents

Chapter: 1.    Research Framework

Chapter:  2.    Research Methodology

Chapter:  3.    Executive Summary

Chapter:  4.    Industry Insights

Chapter:  5.    Global Thin film Market Overview

Chapter:  6.    North America Thin film Market

Chapter:  7.    Europe Thin film Market

Chapter:  8.    Asia Pacific Thin film Market

Chapter:  9.    Latin America Thin film Market

Chapter:  10.  Company Profile

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