Success is a word away!

Searching and acquiring information is no more an uphill task in this technologically advanced era. You only need to type some keywords, oops I mean keywords. You must be thinking how could I spell a word wrongly in the era of spellcheck and auto correct. I just did that to make you realize that your dependency on technology is inevitable. Imagine! writing something without this blessing; will you be able to manage? Because without an iota of doubt, it’s time you do a reality check.

We present Spelling Bee, a platform where you can take a test to check your spelling skills. It is a great chance for one to assess and improve skills and become independent in digital life. Students from standard 6th-8th can take part in the competition. Prizes worth 50000/- are up for grabs.

Spelling Bee, competition is sponsored by and organized by For registration click on the link below –

Atul Malikram