Motorhome Services – How Often Do You Need Them and What Do They Cover

A caravan or recreation vehicle (RV) is your home on the road and requires the same care you give to your traditional home. Unfortunately, motorhome service isn’t given the attention it deserves. Some RV owners do not realize its effectiveness, while others ignore it because of the high cost. A standard motorhome service can hold significant costs, but if you keep delaying the repairs, you will ultimately pay a lot more in the future. Today, we will discuss how often you need motorhome services, how you can find issues with your vehicle, and when you need to engage a professional.

How Often You Need Motorhome Services

It’s incredibly beneficial to inspect your caravan regularly to find out issues and address them quickly. Apart from that, you should follow the recommended annual servicing and summer/winter preparation and maintenance. If you have experience with certain tasks and are comfortable completing these yourself, you can save money. For instance, most of us can do simple electric repairs. However, for technical work like brake adjustment and damp checks (mould), we need professional assistance.

What You Can Do Yourself Before Your Next Maintenance Appointment

You can carry out certain routine checks of the following to find any arising problems. You can either attempt to repair the issues yourself or hire an expert for the repairs. In any case, remaining vigilant can save you money, which you would otherwise have to use for substantial repairs and replacements.

You should inspect headlights and electrical connections, tyres and their pressure, wheel rims, wheel nut tightness, breakaway cable and clip, battery charging, gas hoses and regulator connections, flame colour from cooker and gas appliances (it should not be yellow), 12-pin or 7-pin connection cables, plugs and sockets (for traces of deterioration or looseness), the residual current device (RCD), water hoses (for tightness of connections), ventilation and gas drop-out vents (they must not be jammed), and the stabiliser friction pads (for deterioration or flaw).

Call on the Experts

If you find any issue with the components we discussed above, contact a certified motorhome services company. They can inspect and repair everything related to your motorhome. They even offer caravan air conditioning service.

Let’s find out what most motorhome services companies provide to their customers.

Wheel, Tyres, and Brakes: This service includes checking for cracks and wear and tear on wheels, bearings, tyre pressure, brake magnets, and so on.

Body Components: This includes a full inspection of all body parts such as doors and windows. Reviews like “damp checks” and “ventilation checks” are usually a part of the service. However, some companies may charge extra for them.

Handbrake, Coupling Bolts and Suspension Mounts: The technician inspects and lubricates these parts for smooth operation as well as adjustments to the handbrake.

External Lights, Wiring, and all other Electrical Components: The electrician inspects the wiring connections along with the lighting system.

Water and Gas Systems: Most motorhome repair services companies can repair the oven, fridge, heating system, water heater, and other gas appliances. Moreover, they use manometer for leaks.

Additional Services

You can request further checks in your caravan such as;

To conclude, these inspections help you avoid system malfunctions, stay safe, and enjoy your road trips. Whether you opt for a mobile technician or take your caravan to a motorhome services shop, make sure you engage with the experts only.