How can I get Guest posts more easy?

The purpose of this article is to teach you about this and show you the common mistakes most others I do all the time .

The mistakes I see all the time are these things

Bad emails like this”Hi you will know me I am John Smith, the Greatest SEO in the world so you will need to give me a guest post Regards Mr. Smith? So why is this so bad? Sounds like you are very bigheaded or a jerk which is not a good way to approach a site owner or person in charge of deciding who gets a link or not. Shows you have no care about them or the other business means two main things will happen to say the link cost is normally $50 because you sounded bad now it costs you $100 or they will not even reply back to you. You need to do something to show them you are not bot or spammer to make you seem different or interesting so learn about the company or person in charge of the site for example purposes lets say they are Manchester United fan put a comment about this such as this for example purposes” Hi John Smith I am called Blair I was thrilled to see you a football fan of Manchester City I myself support Newcastle United Your manager doing well for your club for why your team in top 5 I see how do you feel about that? 



Why is this good the above example? I have made it personal to him and included his name and I am not trying hard to sell to him and he has no idea why I contacted so far so he’s less likely to say no to me now since I made my email about him not me so it tells him I respect him or at least want him to know I care about him or life.

” I run a health site would you give me a guest post?” This is bad because it again has no personalization and shows no information about who you are since we have not included a name in the email itself message or in the signature. Nothing as well makes it sound suitable for the other person since we never done anything to break the ice case you don’t know what means this expression which means when you do something to make them relaxed or comfortable with you such as if you shared a few of there articles on Facebook or Twitter or give them backlink for free it could allow you get a yes easier.

Being dishonest is big reason people get overcharged for links or no links people will often say something like this”Hi I am always sharing your posts online since I love your content” You may not know this but people will check if you have shared content before or not of them by checking your IP which is not hard to do by the way or if they check your name online and can find no proof of you doing it then you will come across a jerk, or untrustworthy person so never tell lies for links.

How can you do email signature right?

If you are doing SEO put the word SEO can be bad thing since so many spammers or scammers often put online this”SEO Expert” as such if you do that can decrease your yes so give yourself a different title such as “Content Manager or Marketing Content Man or Marketing Content Lady” Include your names in the this area, your main website or the one relating to this task or job,phone number,address,Social profiles such as Facebook pages,Twitter profile or Linkedin account details it makes you look more like professional by doing this .

You probably thought this before should use the same template or same templates all the time? No the reasons for why is you use the same one most people running the business or checking the emails know it is not unique so they will be a lot less likely to want to reply back to you since it looks to a lot of them spammer approach making you now seem unprofessional. A lot of people go online find someone email template then reuse it themselves by making no changes to it except their names as such looks boring when a lot of businesses get 100 or more of the same emails each week if you do that you just look a spammer since you have done nothing to make yourself look different . Another big problem I see often is people will see on Facebook or other site someone claiming to sell you email template so think about this before you buy it, so you are buying template lets say 10,000 people buy it and use it then means you are now using the same emails as 9,999 other people so that will not make you look good .

Should you try and make the style funny? This is kind of like a double edge sword since a lot will do a joke they find funny which may not make the other person laugh if you tell it wrong it may think something is wrong with you since it may sound to them say scary or disturbing if you ask it to the wrong person and unless you know the style of jokes they like it will often not work well unless you understand them before you send it . You can get guest posts from this but it needs to be styled right it’s highly unlikely to scare or shock someone and I would recommend you don’t make emails about politics since if you put the party they like as the wrong person, it may make them not want to reply back to you.

People now a days as well some love to get offended for example this one okay the person joke was pretty bad or boring but the Woman in this case thought his anecdote about him being in charge of beauty competition meant he was going to make others fail for fun then the American woman went onto Facebook her group so confused about his joke which then made this other person get so bad-mouthed by people had to stop this niche this is quite the extreme thing to happen but it does happen if you tell jokes to the wrong person or tell it wrong.

You probably here the whole argument of sending images is good or bad to other business well I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages here the Disadvantages some email providers which include images will put them automatically into the other person spam box meaning you could get your email deleted without being read first by doing that next people may think this about you “Why this guy send me an image when it does not relate to me?” Some companies have security things in place where images in any emails are put into security place or deleted instantly because you can have people include virus or other bad stuff inside images as well.

Advantages it can make you look different or entertaining and if you include cute photos such as cats or dogs or ferrets can increase likelyhood of replies back some of the time and make you stand out from the crowd as well .

What email software do I use?

All I do is this I use standard Gsuit and send the emails in a manual way for most of the time, so no need for you buy expensive Email marketing software.

Should you use unique or funny words for example you could in put in the email instead of Best Friends put Regards Comrad it makes you sound a bit different doing that sort of things should be okay or fine or including unique words can increase reply rates but don’t go overboard where everyone of your words someone needs to Google to understand them all.