Häfele Launched its Nagold Gallery in the City of Food Enthusiasts

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Häfele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, launched its state-of-the-art Nagold Appliances Gallery in the heart of Kolkata. The company-owned, compact 1500 square feet Gallery unites all cooking essentials into a well-thought through kitchen design and is an extension of the existing Design Showroom of the Company at Topsia. The Nagold Gallery showcased its extensive range of built-in home appliances that seamlessly integrate international functionality and trends that specifically cater to the distinctive Indian Lifestyle.

The Nagold Gallery was inaugurated by Mr. Jürgen Wolf – Managing Director, Häfele South Asia together with Mr. Partha Chakraborty – Director, Finance.

At the onset of the launch, Mr. Wolf said – It took us over a year to put together the Nagold built-in appliances range taking into consideration the specific needs of the Indian customer and building in such configurations into our range that meets the uniqueness of what the Indian customer really wants. Over the last few years, Nagold appliances have created a strong presence in the Indian market owing to their unique design, functionality and technology. It is now time to introduce a physical display center for this range in the city of Kolkata which is well known for its arty bend towards culinary musings and inherent passion towards multi-cuisines – so this one‘s for the food-lovers and cooking-passionates!

Häfele’s Nagold Appliances:

‘Nagold by Häfele’ is the first of its kind built-in home appliances brand that is remarkably International by design and functionality, yet distinctively Indian by features and functions which specifically cater to the unique requirements of this country. The brand is gaining popularity in the Indian market owing to the fact that the customer now has access to superior international technology at surprisingly approachable price points. This makes way for a value proposition that has never before been experienced in the built-in appliances segment of India.

Indian Features…International Functionality!

  • Tropicalized compressor – The Nagold built-in refrigerator has a climatic class of SN (Sub-Normal) –T (Tropical) which has an operating temperature of 10˚C to 43˚C. The Tropicalized compressor works perfectly for the Indian climate providing optimum cooling and humidity thus reducing wear and tear and boosting the life-span of the refrigerator.
  • Supernova burners – Häfele presents to you the efficiency of the traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology through its range of built-in hobs from Nagold. These hobs come with supernova brass burners which have been engineered to provide the most favorable flame for Indian cooking styles – the flame automatically takes the shape of the cooking pot be it a round-bottomed wok or a flat-bottomed pan!
  • Filter free extraction – Nagold hosts a specially designed Extraction hood that absorbs the heavy fumes of Indian cooking. What’s more is that this hood comes without filters, eliminating the tiresome activity of cleaning and maintaining the filters on a weekly basis.

The Nagold range of international built-in home appliances caters to all your cooking and cleaning needs amidst an experience of supreme efficiency. The range includes an integrated mix of built-in hobs, ovens (steam, microwave and grill), warming drawers, extraction hoods, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, providing you a holistic solution and hassle-free experience.

With the launch of this exclusive Gallery, Häfele introduces some of its latest innovations from the Nagold Range, catering to every possible cooking, cleaning or storage needs.

  1. Teresa i-Series:
A revolutionary filterfree cookerhood with unique filter free extraction that is effective on the airborne grease. No more choking and coughing while frying chillies. Whether you are deep frying or stir frying or even doing some heavy cooking, you do not have to worry about smoke getting into your way! The extended ducting and additional bends ensure seamless efficiency in fume extraction. The auto turbo system with a powerful motor can sustain up to 4.5m in length without any compromise in the smoke ventilation rate.
  1. Diamond Series of Built-in Microwave and Oven:
The latest additions to Nagold’s built-in microwaves and ovens is the Diamond Series – a smart and intuitive technology that immensely reduces your time spent in the kitchen.

The Diamond microwave from Nagold comes in a unique flat-board design that eliminates the use of a turnable tray and instead allows you to heat food in any type of container, utilizing the maximum volume of the oven cavity. Needless to mention, this unique design makes it extremely efficient to clean the oven cavity!

The Diamond built-in Oven from Nagold comes with smart and handy features like an intuitive display which allows you to operate the oven with convenient controls and a large display screen that effectively displays the chosen settings; and the rotisserie function that is specifically designed to give you the best roasting and grilling result for a wholesome meal.

  1. J-Series Built-in Hobs:
J-series by Nagold introduces you to a unique design in built-in hobs that is extremely suitable for Indian cooking patterns. Equipped with efficient supernova brass burners, these hobs are effortlessly aligned to the design philosophy of the J-series range, integrating power, elegance and technology to perfection. The unique design unfolds a never-seen-before combination of orange brass rings crowning the black-coated burners, the insulated black glass body and elegant metallic knobs – making way for a strikingly smart hob that fits seamlessly into your kitchen worktop.
  1. JR 750NF – Convertible Refrigerator:
Nagold’s JR 750NF refrigerator comes with a MultiZone® feature that provides the flexibility to increase storage for fresh food and drinks during summer and to switch to larger capacity for frozen food in winter. The cooling system adjusts for the freezer or fresh food compartment in just 60 minutes. MultiZone® is a convertible compartment that can be utilized either as a fridge or a freezer. The flexible temperature range of -24/+4 ºC helps you keep different foods and beverages at an ideal temperature.

Experience these functionalities at Häfele’s newest Nagold Gallery in Topsia!

Nagold Gallery Details:

At – Hafele India Pvt. Ltd; PS Pace, Premises No.1/1, A Mahendra Roy Lane, Topsia; Kolkata- 700046

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