Global Automated Robot-Based Electric Vehicle Charging System Market 2020: Industry Sales, Revenue, Gross Margin, Market Share by Regions

Global Automated Robot-Based Electric Vehicle Charging System Market is expected grow significantly over the forecast period, 2020-2027 due to the rise in usage of electric vehicles, globally. The demand for electric vehicles is expected to rise in the coming years due to various government regulations and policies. Electric vehicles are being recognized as the promising alternative to conventional vehicles with respect to emissions. Electric vehicles can reduce the pollution and reduce or eliminate the fuel cost. The current problems of EV users are the lack of charging stations and long hours of charging for short range of driving.  Most of the charging systems use the inductive system which has low power transmission. In order to have fast charging, conducive systems (DC) are helpful. But to reduce the charging time, the DC charging wire must have thick and broad diameter. This will make the charging cable heavy and not user friendly. Therefore automated robot based EV charger will be useful in handling such high power transmission cables.  

Automated robot based EV charging system refers to the use of robots in charging electric vehicles. The vehicles are charged without human intervention. The robot automatically plugs charging socket in the EV and charges the battery. After charging the EV, the robot disconnects itself from the vehicle and moves away. The robot is equipped with cameras, ultra-sonic sensors, laser scanners. The robot can be operated with the mobile app.  The automated robots can be placed in parking lots of workplaces, malls, parking garages and thereby eliminating the need for creating a separate infrastructure for charging stations.

Currently, the robot based EV charging system is not developed fully. Until now only customized charging system for specific vehicle is in practice. With increase in EV and hybrid vehicles, the market is expected to grow independent of car or vehicle type.

But complex vehicle adoption, environmental impacts, electromagnetic radiation and high investment cost are some of the challenges restraining the Robotic based Electric vehicle charging market system.

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Market Segmentation

The global Robotic based Electric vehicle charging market can be segmented on the basis of type, end users ,region and others.

By End Users, the market can be categorized into commercial and residential. Commercial users include ride hailing services like Uber, Lyft using Electric vehicles. Residential users are the individual EV owners. It is expected that the commercial users are going to dominate the market, as Uber, Lyft are increasingly using Electric vehicles. The growth will also be driven by environmental regulations.

By EV Types, the automated robot based EV charging system market can divided into Battery electric vehicle and Plug in hybrid electric vehicle. Further it can be split into heavy duty electric vehicles and Light vehicles. Heavy duty electric vehicles require ultra -high current through large conductors.  The robotic are to be designed to carry such levels of current to recharge.

By Technology, Automated Robot-Based Electric Vehicle Charging System market can be divided into Inductive charging and Conductive charging.

By Region, Automated Robot-Based Electric Vehicle Charging System market can be categorized into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

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Regional analysis

Regionally, North America is likely to lead the automated robot based electric vehicle charging system market. With Volksvogan’s Electrify America are testing its prototypes of automated EV charging in USA. The country is said to capture significant market share.

In Asia- Pacific, various governments are giving incentives and support to increase the use of EVs.  With countries like China and India are planning to reduce the carbon emissions, the market for EV charging stations is bound to increase in this region.  Also in Singapore, investments for Electric vehicles are being made. But at present lack of EV users and insufficient charging infrastructures is restraining the growth opportunies for automated robot based electric vehicle charging system.

Competitive analysis

The major market players in market are Tesla, Volksvogan, ABB and other market players.

According to IEA, the global Electric vehicle users are around 5 million as of 2018. This is significantly lower than the conventional vehicle users. The market for Electric vehicle is mainly driven by the government norms. Therefore there are opportunities in near future for the growth to pick up. The automated robot based electric charging system market is likely to gain significant demand when the EV sales are blooming.

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