Author: Mike Jensen

How the Virtual Power Plant Market Next Generation Technological Advancements

High growth in the global VPP market in the coming future is expected to be driven by rising awareness among governments of various countries about the need to mitigate power outages while also making attempts to preserve the environment. The growing awareness in the market concerning the opportunities in renewable energy and battery storage systems

2020 Global Bioplastic Market Research Report | by Market Share, Trends, Demands, Growth Opportunity, Market Analysis and forecast by 2027

Bioplastic market is expected to reach USD 60 billion by 2027. Bioplastic is plastics made from renewable resources such as vegetable fats, starch, and recycled food waste. It is also produced from used plastic bottles and containers using microorganisms. Bioplastics have emerged as a potential alternative to traditional plastics. Since the world has been increasingly

Global Anti-Pollution Mask market share by 2018 – 2023 | latest research published by BlueWeave Consulting

India Anti-Pollution Mask Market Expected to Reach US$ 4.91 Million by 2023- BlueWeave Consulting According to a new market report published by BlueWeave Consulting, the India anti-pollution mask market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7% from 2018 to 2023, reaching US$ 4.91 Mn by the end of the forecast period. According to the report,